GSoC Eleventh Week


This week I worked on little refactoring of Fields module. Like moving functions implementations from .h file to .cpp file in this PR. I added a from_uintpoly method which allows us to create a GaloisField object from UIntPoly object in this PR. After which I worked on the implementation of diff method for GaloisField in this PR.
Then I worked on Logic module. It is needed for the implementation of Intersection class in Sets module. It has the implementation for Logical And, Or and Not operations.
Both Or and And class have a private variable named container_ which is a set of RCP<const Boolean>. It stores the Boolean objects on which And and Or operator can’t be applied using the known rules.
Not also has one private variable which is an RCB<const Boolean> object, which stores the Boolean object on which we were not able to apply not operator using the current rules.
Then we have three functions:

RCP<const Boolean> logical_and(const set_boolean &s);
RCP<const Boolean> logical_or(const set_boolean &s);
RCP<const Boolean> logical_not(const RCP<const Boolean> &s);

These are used to do the respective operation on the operands supplied.
Talking little about implementaion details:

RCP<const Boolean> logical_and(const set_boolean &s)
   return and_or<And>(s, false);

RCP<const Boolean> logical_or(const set_boolean &s)
   return and_or<Or>(s, true);

And the function and_or do the required operations.
After this PR gets merged, I would start working on Intersection class.

Written on August 11, 2016